Probability of a White Christmas Where You Live

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Surprisingly good for four inches
California, especially the Eastern Sierras, is beginning to remember what winter is all about. Source; Mammoth Mountain Facebook Page.

With the holiday season well underway and winter solidifying its grip all across the US, many folk are planning their vacations in order to enjoy a white Christmas. It will come as no surprise then that much of the western mountains- the Rockies, the Cascades, and the Sierras- are areas with an almost guaranteed chance of a white X-mas, while the far northeast of New England- Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont- come to mind for locations to see the snow fly in the east.


Especially in my area...
The probability of a white Christmas is high for a fair amount of the country! Source; NOAA.

The map above uses datasets containing average daily and monthly temperature, precipitation, snowfall, heating and cooling days, frost and freeze dates, and growing degree days from numerous stations around the US over the years of 1981-2010. Locations in white have a very high probability of seeing measurable snowfall, amounts of at least one inch, on December 25th.

Deep in spots with possible core shots!
Mount Bachelor isn’t complaining about all the goods delivered to them as of late. Source; Mount Bachelor Facebook Page.

While this map just shows the historical based possibility of seeing snow on Christmas, many places across the western mountains have gotten ample coverage with storms continuing to track right through them and the East Coast has begun to pick up good measurable snowfall as it continues to see tidbits of winter making its way around New England. Even Hawaii received a solid amount of precipitation in the form of white gold on the Big Islands upper elevations, why not go shred pow in Hawaii for Christmas? (For more on the Hawaiian storm see Winter Storm Warning for Hawaii)


Deep and blower
It’s getting deep at Jay Peak! Source; Jay Peak Resort Facebook Page.

With plenty of choices for snow to make an appearance at based on current conditions and historical probability, it would appear that many of us will have a white Christmas wether we like it or not!

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