Q: How Many Tires are in Lake Tahoe, CA? A: Less Than Before

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What Tom Carter is best known for is burly 1st descents in the Eastern Sierras in the 1980s.  He’s credited with many of ‘em including a 1983 descent of the North Face of 14,495’ Mt. Whitney.

Tom is also the lead guide for Ruby Mountain Heli Ski in Nevada and he’s the guy who taught my AIARE Avalanche 1 & 2 classes back in 2003 (he reminds me a ton of my dad).

Tom guides paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe during summers and has decided to start extracting the tires he sees all over the lakebed.  He’s already pulled over 100 tires out of the lake and says there are many more.

Lake Tahoe, California
Lake Tahoe, California

The “2013 State of the Lake Report” by UC Davis comes out tomorrow.  Every year, these reports paint a picture of exactly what we are doing right and wrong to our magical lake.  What Tom is doing is helping, no doubt.

Tahoe truly is a special place and the lake is its crown jewel.  We really appreciate what Tom’s doing and what everyone who fights to keep Tahoe blue are doing.  It takes a bit more than just throwing a sticker on your car to help out.  Here are some great places for all of us to start:

If you’re interested in ways to help keep Tahoe blue, check out these websites and learn more:

Keep Tahoe Blue

Tahoe Environmental Research Center @ UC Davis

Annual State of the Lake Reports

California Tahoe Conservancy

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Tahoe Blue
Tahoe Blue

Never forget, Lake Tahoe used to have a transparency standard of 100 feet back in 1968.  It’s come way down since then, hitting a low of only 64 feet in 1997, but there are ways to get it back.  Lets learn how and get back that 100 foot transparency once more.

Thanks Tom and thanks to you for checking this out and wanting to help.

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  1. Crater Lake in Oregon has some of the purest water in the world.
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