Red Bull Joyride Photo Dump | 2013 Whistler Crankworx Coverage

Eric Behn | CycleCycle

Photos by Chris Pilling | Words by Eric Behn

It’s not for the light hearted, the weak or the squeamish. You should probably keep your children close and an eye over your shoulder at all times. Have someone to watch your back and but never take your eyes off of the action.

As the dust blows and the herd gathers, those who are dominant show their true colours. War cries are heard as an uneasy tension built from adrenaline and anticipation washes over. The tick of freehubs whizzes in and out through the crowd between screams and horns.

One by one, the strongest, most prized make their way down in a parade of risk and fury as the chosen ones with the longest, largest lenses point and shoot, sensors chattering, poachers of the best moment and angle of the wildest manoeuvres.

Beyond the fences, the herd screams and cries at the most extravagant manoeuvres. Noise making devices provide ambient sound and the raspy voices of hecklers fill the air with nothing nice to say.

Loud music builds more tension and the energy drink ridden mountain bike fans feel their hearts begin to beat. As the riders drop in each with a new combination of tricks, the crowd voices their approval, their concern for fallen riders, and their excitement for successful runs.

A few hours and blood, sweat and beers later, the day’s champion is chosen. ‘The Don’.

The local boy who only braves breaking from the shadows a few days of the year, but with great expectation. The boy with great finesse and prestige. The great one. Putting down a run that only one could beat, if he dare try.

And try he did. Tripling the doubled. Baring the wall. And spinning up to the cabin. It was the winning run. But coming into the final jump, a little too much pepper and flare ended his day, his season, and his year.

No one expected it. Leaving on a stretcher instead of on the shoulders of others. But the winner took a deserved win with a near perfect run. The crowd satisfied, the bike community fulfilled for another year. Crankworx Joyride finally came to an end.

Gully takes a run after the first rider is knocked out of the competition due to injury.         Chris Pilling Photo
A full on nothing.                                                                                                                                 Chris Pilling Photo
Free hats everywhere.                                                                                                                   Chris Pilling Photo
The Mangina, he may have stolen the show this past weekend.                                           Chris Pilling Photo
These guys were on track to being the first deaths at a slopestyle event.                             Chris Pilling Photo
Casted, chainsaw-wielding, plaid-shirt-wearing, horn-throwing Crankworx regulars.       Chris Pilling Photo
A perfect upside-downer. High over the kingdom of bikers.                                                    Chris Pilling Photo
‘The Don’ AKA Brandon Semenuk, winner of the day and master of the slopestyle world. He is king.               Chris Pilling Photo

Working his magic in his home town. He put down a near perfect run scoring a 96.4.        Chris Pilling Photo

Getting inverted.                                                                                                                               Chris Pilling Photo
Three Whip. The following berm showcased some great turning ability from riders.         Chris Pilling Photo
Clouds rolled through the valley all day. Just enough to mask the mountains and hold in the atmosphere. Chris Pilling Photo
Superman made a number of appearances.                                                                             Chris Pilling Photo
Soderstrom bars the step-up onto the cabin. #GetWellMartin                                                Chris Pilling Photo
Soderstrom completes his cabin visit and spins a goodbye right off the roof.                    Chris Pilling Photo
This spectator got a little antsy and began to monkey around.                                              Chris Pilling Photo
Some of the crowd went totally bananas and went straight down the course.                    Chris Pilling Photo
Peeling the final turn.                                                                                                                      Chris Pilling Photo
This man was the infamous cheese and the afternoon Cheese Rolling.                              Chris Pilling Photo
Once the bananas split, the competition was back on.                                                             Chris Pilling Photo
Berrecloth’s famous table over the final sender.                                                                        Chris Pilling Photo
Semenuk doing a double whip. He did one in each direction.                                               Chris Pilling Photo
The jungle.                                                                                                                                        Chris Pilling Photo
Semenuk flipping the flat drop all the way to first place.                                                          Chris Pilling Photo
Everyone got loud. Too loud.                                                                                                       Chris Pilling Photo
Surrey, B.C.’s pride and joy: Tony Messere.                                                                               Chris Pilling Photo
Another near perfect upside-downer from the Brit, Sammy Pilgrim. He made a near pilgrimage out from the UK.                                                                                                                                                     Chris Pilling Photo
Soderstrom with what was probably a triple whip, we couldn’t count that high though.     Chris Pilling Photo
The Don driving it home.                                                                                                               Chris Pilling Photo
Don’t worry, his chain is off and he’s wearing a bucket hat, must be a mountain biker.     Chris Pilling Photo                                   
Sam Pilgrim riding the course backwards. Wait, just a table three over the hip.                 Chris Pilling Photo
Messere getting off his bike mid air, he got back on shortly after the photo was taken.     Chris Pilling Photo
An upside-down full bird AKA: Flip Tuck No Hander.                                                               Chris Pilling Photo
Dumping his three because he didn’t want it anyways.                                                           Chris Pilling Photo
Whip the hip.                                                                                                                                     Chris Pilling Photo
Semenuk speaks after landing his winning run.                                                                        Chris Pilling Photo
A whip off the cabin in a last ditch effort to break the top score.                                             Chris Pilling Photo
The crowd began to roll out as the winners circle began and podiums were assembled. Chris Pilling Photo
Sadly, Martin Soderstrom couldn’t take his second place spot on the podium as he suffered a broken leg as the last rider down.                                                                                                                         Chris Pilling Photo
Semenuk realizing the win while growing a small moustache. A true Canadian.               Chris Pilling Photo
The circus condenses so that everyone can get the shot.                                                       Chris Pilling Photo
We’re not really sure what’s going on here but Brandon is stoked. Probably a replay of his run or a high score on Candy Crush.                                                                                                                  Chris Pilling Photo
Semenuk takes the top spot beside Pilgrim who took third. Soderstrom could not take his spot and we wish him a strong recovery.                                                                                                                     Chris Pilling Photo
Probably not the last drink consumed in Whistler on Saturday.                                           Chris Pilling Photo
Semenuk taking it all in along with the remaining Crankworx crowd.                                  Chris Pilling Photo

Thank you for following us through our coverage at Crankworx for 2013. A huge thank you to Chris Pilling for providing amazing photo coverage.

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