Sage Cattibriga-Alosa Charging Alaska in TGR’s “Way of Life”

Miles Clark |

I don’t usually think of Sage as a huge risk taker in Alaska.  I’ve always enjoyed his way of finding safe, challenging lines lacking in no-fall-zones and über high consequence.  So much for that…

This past Spring, Sage changed, a switch flipped, his confidence and skill took over.  Sage goes head first into no-fall-zones and huge consequence lines (check out the drop in at 3:30!).  You can tell in this entire video that the conditions aren’t perfect.  It’s gotten warm and the snow shows it, especially down low.  His run outs are hard, crusty, and sometimes debris filled.

sage ak
sage ak

Sage throws down in this video.  More than once he gets into a tricky spot and is able to surf his way out.  He knows how to just move his skis with the contours of the snow and flow like no one else.

Maybe Sage is going to do that classic freeride to big-mountain-extreme skier thing that so many of the best skier do.  If he does, it’ll be fantastic to watch because he’ll never lose his surfy, tricky style.

If wonder if the Atomic Automatic can handle AK, this video is your answer.

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