Savor the Simplicity: Atomic’s New Boots and Collection

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Atomic Savor Rear Entry Boots Image: Teton Gravity

For many beginning skiers, uncomfortable boots and equipment are distracting factors from an enjoyable day on the mountain. Atomic, the Austrian ski company, is looking to change this for the 2019/20 season by offering an alternative.

The new savor boots, skis, helmets, and goggles fundamentally aim to make skiing easier. For the large percentage of skiers who rent equipment, the Atomic Savor line is a markable upgrade. According to Herbert Buchsteiner, business unit director for alpine skis and bindings at Atomic

“We wanted to get rid of all traditional barriers that makes skiing inconvenient. We wanted to make skiing easy but also offer help for walking, carrying the skis, and standing in the lift queues”

Trying to Make Skiing More Fun and Easier

While conducting a survey on skiing megatrends in Austria’s ski resorts, Atomic found that beginning and intermediate skiers fundamentally value cool looking comfortable and functional equipment. Since nearly 50% of alpine equipment sales go to rentals (according to Atomic), Atomic decided they had to act on the newly discovered market niche. Enter the Savor Line.

Simplicity and Functionality Image: Atomic

With clever innovations such as the return of a rear entry boot design, a triple-sidecut ski, and a helmet-goggle system, Atomic are confident to redefine the market. The integration of grip walk soles, intuitive user-friendly skis, and a high range of adjustability are highlighted. The ease of use and minimal weight of all of the gear is meant to fundamentally extend the enjoyment and ski experience.

“So far, nobody in the skiing industry has offered beginners and intermediate skiers a dedicated product line. We are at least one year ahead of other ski brands.”

Amer Sports, the conglomerate that owns Atomic, released the new product line in their newsroom late January. If you are interested in the equipment and its specifics head to for more information.

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4 thoughts on “Savor the Simplicity: Atomic’s New Boots and Collection

  1. Is it any wonder skiing is on the decline in many areas especially in Ontario with comments like these. I guess these people came right of their mothers, skiing black runs. Did you not learn somewhere? I’m a world traveling ski reporter with black runs well behind but still really get a kick out of people of all levels enjoying our fantastic sport. Bunny, green, blue or black.. new blood and money will keep this sport going in right direction for operators. as well with cost of business going up. You people stay on the blacks or whatever hills you ski and leave ground breaking technology to companies that are trying to make it a difference and more enjoyable for all.

  2. Understanding no one appreciates Jerrys whether on hill or driving to. It states beginners and intermediate, the greens and blues that are the bread n butter of all resorts. The problem being marketing as though this gear will enable them to be litter on runs they have no understanding of.

  3. So now there are going to be even more people who don’t know how to ski on snow ! It amazes me how many people don’t know how to turn, take a lesson please ! The one thing about skiing is it requires skill and determination to go down hill with out crashing into other people, making gear easier makes it available to everyone regardless of skill.
    Bad idea , just one more reason to go snowcat and helicopter skiing , maybe cost will be the barrier between experience and Jerry.

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