Shack-Fest Dream Heat in Bali: Kelly Slater Vs. John John Florence Vs. Josh Kerr

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Three of the best surfers in the world at one the best breaks in the world in some of the best conditions in the world.  Put those three things together and you’re gonna come up with a pretty fun video.

That’s exactly what happened on June 25th at the Bali Pro on the World Championship Tour (WCT) at Kermas, Bali, Indonesia.  Josh Kerr even came out with his first perfect 10 score in his WCT career.

Heat 2 of Round 4 brought a matchup of Josh Kerr, John John Florence and Kelly Slater that turned into a high-scoring barrel-fest. Perfect, reeling, overhead rights graced the reef at Keramas as the three went tit for tat posting 9’s and 10’s. Kerr came out victorious in what some are calling the ‘Heat of the Year’ – ASP

Kelly Slater at Kermas in Bali
Kelly Slater at Kermas in Bali

The WCT is more entertaining than ever right now with 41-year old Kelly Slater still crushing it along side 18-year old groms from Brazil and all the badass surfers from Australia.  Every comp is up for grabs and conditions on this years tour so far have been picture perfect.

Check out videos and photos of the huge barrels at Cloudbreak in Fiji at the last WCT stop where Kelly won it all and got two perfect 10s in the quarter finals:  Kelly Slater wins Fiji

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