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SAMS (Shark Attack Mitigation Systems) has reportedly come up with 2 wetsuit designs that will keep sharks off ya when you’re surfing.  Sounds good to us.  How do they work?  They have 2 designs.  One design warns the shark that you are there via bright black and white strips, the other goes with blue camouflage that hides your existence.

The only problem we can think of is:  From below does a shark notice your colors?  or does he just see a silhouette that looks like a seal?  It seems like he might just be seeing a silhouette.  Regardless, we like the direction this is going.  If you surf in Northern California, sharks are in your thoughts from time to time in the water.  It’d be great to eliminate that fear.

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“Biting back: The invisibility wetsuit that protects swimmers and surfers from deadly shark attacks
Australian scientists have developed wetsuits that prevent shark attacks.

The Elude suit conceals divers by exploiting the shark’s colour blindness.

The striped Diverter suit tricks sharks into thinking the surfer is poisonous.” – SAMS

Shark proof wetsuit

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2 thoughts on “Shark Proof Wetsuit

  1. Nice, I can finally go surfing! But do sharks even see that well? And if they do, do they see the wetsuit or the surf board from underneath?!!

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