Sheave Train Breaks Loose at Stevens Pass, WA

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Photo Credit: Max Patterson 

Unfortunate news out of Stevens Pass, WA when a lift was shut down due to a sheave train coming loose. At around 9:30 in the morning on 2/2/20, the sheave train on the 7th Heaven chairlift fell off of the tower. The sheave train helps move the chairlifts up on the mountain. This catastrophe left 26 people stranded on one of the steepest chairlifts in the country, 7th Heaven.

Photo Credit: Max Patterson

The evacuation took about three hours to rappel the guests off the lift and no injuries were reported. Max P, a Stevens Pass employee reported, “the 7th Heaven Chairlift will remain closed for a few days while the tower is repaired.” Those stranded were given a free ticket by Vail for their troubles. Although an uncommon incident, this is a situation that really makes you appreciate ski patrollers everywhere.

Photo Credit: Max Patterson

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  1. Miles Clark is lazy and repeats old articles just to fill space . Typos are the new normal in journalism.

  2. I’m glad that vail has added more capacity to their beginner lifts. Beginners learning to dodge other beginners will only make them stronger. I am curious as to why vail let’s their lifts break down and night skiing lights burn out. There are a few potholes in the parking lot I have been dodging since 2016 as well. Oh well, at least they are selling more beginner lift tickets.

  3. three hours to repel….
    Typo: repel-> rappel

    Just a note; I see a fair amount of typos on this website. Try reading articles backwards. It helps catching typos.

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