Ski Resorts are Reopened in Ontario, Canada | So What Will Skiing Look Like for the Rest of the Season?

Liam Abbott |
Ontario, Canada,
Can’t complain with 20cm of fresh snow. Image courtesy of Snow Valley Resort Barrie’s Facebook.

Today, Tuesday, February 16th, ski resorts across Ontario were given the green light to reopen their slopes to guests after having been closed for nearly two months since December 24th, 2020. This news came after the province has seen a steady decline in Covid-19 cases.

Although skies missed out on almost two months of skiing, they were awarded for their patience. Mother nature came in blanketing much of the province with over 10” (25cm) of fresh snow in addition to the multiple feet of snow that has continued to build up during the ski closures. The result? As Blue Mountain reported on their Facebook page, some runs had up to 3’ (91cm) of fresh snow on them. For Ontario skiing, that is almost unheard of!

What has Changed?

For the most part, the skiing experience in Ontario will remain relatively similar to how it was at the start of the season, meaning that masks are still required in lift lines, indoors, and any other crowded spaces. Physical distancing will continue to be enforced, and reduced capacity will be present in parking lots, on the mountain, and inside lodges depending on which ski hill you are going to.

Blue Mountain has preached the saying on their website of “Be Safe. Be Kind. Have Fun.”

Remember that we are all in this pandemic together, and if we all do our part to stay safe, we can still have fun on the slopes while allowing them to continue to operate until the end of the season! Enjoy the fresh snow and what are sure to be some of the best conditions of the season!

Laws of the land. Image courtesy of Blue Mountain.
Resorts are making it especially clear what is and is not acceptable when riding chairlifts with other people. Image courtesy of Blue Mountain.

Powder Photos from Across Ontario Today:

Ontario, Canada,
Is that really Ontario??? And is that glade skiing at Blue Mountain??? Image courtesy of Andrew Barrett’s Facebook.
Ontario, Canada,
Blue Mountain looking deep. Image courtesy of kevin_konings Instgram.
Ontario, Canada,
A fresh blanket of snow covers Mount St. Louis Moonstone on this bluebird day. Image courtesy of Mount St. Louis Moonstone’s Facebook.
View of Snow Valley two days before opening. Image courtesy lyfeovryan via Instagram.
Fresh snow in addition to the 78″ (200cm) of snow Blue Mountain (faintly in background) has already received this year! Image courtesy of Christy Vos.

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