VIDEO: Skiing NAKED 1,000-Feet Down Chute 75 @ Squaw Valley on June 5th

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After spending a day hiking up Squaw Valleys infamous Shirley Canyon, we had reached High Camp and decided to continue the hike down the Mountain Run (more so due to the Cable Car being closed). Upon wandering down, a quick glimpse of what could be a ski-able Chute 75 quickly turned into an anxious emotion turned-up inside of me, ready to shred KT.

KT-22’s Chute 75 on May 31st, 2014. 5 days before I skied it.


The thought that you could ski top to bottom in Chute 75 [over 1,000-vertical feet] was crazy following the season we had just had. I knew I had to ski it and 5 days later I did. The peculiar part is when we had reached the top of Eagles Nest for a quick beer-30, I felt if Shane himself whispered to me shred Alternate Chute 75 BN*. So I did in the exhilarating fashion, letting the sunshine where it usually doesn’t shine. I’m pretty unsure of how many GNAR point I racked up, any idea DR. Gaffney?

Shane McConkey’s Eagle on top of McConkey’s. This is where Shane told me to ski naked.

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