Skier Airlifted Off Teton Pass, WY with Spinal and Head Injuries | 2nd Rescue in 3-Days

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A skier was hurt Saturday afternoon on Teton Pass. Credit: TETON COUNTY SEARCH AND RESCUE / COURTESY PHOTO

Teton County Search and Rescue responded to a call from an injured skier Saturday afternoon in the second incident on Teton Pass in a matter of days, reports the JH News and GuideUndersheriff Matt Carr said the call came in about 2 pm Saturday.

“We responded to a 36-year-old male local who had stuck his ski tip in the snow, and hit his head and crashed pretty hard,” Carr said, “and was complaining of a head injury and some pain in his spinal area.”

The skier was in a party of three near the Ski Lake area on Teton Pass. A team from Search and Rescue responded to the scene in a helicopter, flying the patient to the road to be transported to St. John’s Medical Center in an ambulance. Carr had no further update on the patient’s status.

The incident followed Search and Rescue’s first skier rescue of the season Thursday after a 72-year-old man became lost and worn out skiing Edelweiss Bowl. Carr reminded early season skiers to be careful.

“We understand everybody’s anxious to get out there and enjoy it, but please be extra cautious because it’s a very shallow snowpack, and there’s a lot of things out there that can get you,” Carr said.

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