Skiers and Boarders Reported Jumping Over Beartooth Highway, MT

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It’s just silly. Silly, silly, silly! Credit: unofficialnetworks

A number of skiers and boarders are reported to have been seen jumping across the famous Beartooth Highway in Montana.

The Beartooth Highway near Yellowstone National Park is regarded as one of North America’s most scenic and most treacherous, reaching altitudes above 10,827-feet and only opening for around five months of the year, the rest of the year being buried in snow. It was finally cleared of snow at the very end of May but drifts up to 23-feet high are reported to remain at the sides of the road, which also accesses the only summer-only ski area in the US, Beartooth Basin.

Send it! Credit: KULR 8

A group of skiers from Jackson, Wyoming are reported to have built a snow ramp and jumped the 26-feet wide, two-lane road when wind conditions were right and there was no traffic.

A tourist from Australia who witnessed the jumpers told local media, “They’re mad. Just absolutely mad,” adding, “It’s just silly. Silly, silly, silly.”

The local police said that there was, in fact, a law against ski jumping over a highway:

“It’s called Reckless Endangerment,” one state trooper explained, adding that skiers have been warned in the past for doing it.

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