2 Skiers Lucky to Escape Uninjured After Being Caught in Avalanche in Banff National Park, Canada

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avalanche, Banff, canada
Two skiers triggered a size two avalanche on the southeast aspect of the Cirque Forepeak on Dec. 8. One skier was partially buried, however, both were left uninjured. Credit: Parks Canada

Two skiers were lucky to walk away uninjured after getting caught in a size two avalanche in Banff National Park, Canada over the weekend, reports Paul Clarke for rmoutlook.comA size two avalanche has the destructive potential to bury, injure, or kill a person.

The pair were making their way to the top of Cirque Forepeak, near Bow Lake on Saturday, 8th December when they triggered a wind slab avalanche on the southeast aspect of the mountain. The avalanche slid 280-meters down the slope of the mountain partially burying one of the skiers. The other skier was left on the surface of the slide and managed to dig out his partner. Both skiers lost some of their equipment and were evacuated out of the backcountry by Parks Canada visitor safety specialists.

avalanche, Banff, canada
Banff National Park

Brian Webster, visitor safety manager for Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks, said a helicopter team was already evacuating an injured skier on Observation Peak, when a member of the public approached them to report two skiers had just triggered an avalanche on Cirque Forepeak, which is adjacent to Observation Peak. The member of the public told the search and rescue team that he had also managed to communicate with the two skiers who informed him that they weren’t injured, but needed help.

“This individual wasn’t part of the group, he wasn’t involved in the avalanche, but he observed two skiers being caught in the avalanche,” said Webster. “He observed they weren’t buried, but it appeared they had lost some equipment and they needed some assistance.”

In response, the visitor safety team flew over to the avalanche area and managed to land nearby to evacuate both skiers.

“It was quite fortunate that we were in the area at the exact right time,” said Webster, adding the injured skier on Observation Peak was also safely evacuated.

The uninjured skiers were working a faint rib on the leeward side of the mountain near the top when they triggered the avalanche. They were right on the edge of it, but both got caught and ended up at the bottom. The avalanche was 20 to 40-cm deep and 120-m wide, a surprisingly large avalanche given that at the time it occurred the avalanche hazard was considered low at all elevations and there hadn’t been a lot of new snow.

Looking at the next few days the avalanche hazard will likely become high, as up to 50-cm of new snow accumulates in the alpine by the weekend.

“Almost undoubtedly we’re going to be seeing an avalanche cycle and the avalanche hazard is going to increase,” said Webster. “That low hazard that we’ve been enjoying over the last couple of weeks that’s going to change and with that change in hazard we have to change how we approach the terrain and really pull in the reins and be conservative until we’ve ridden out this next period of higher avalanche hazard.”

For up to date information on avalanche conditions visit www.avalanchecanada.ca

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