Snowbird Annouces Changes To Its Parking Policies

Kyler Roush |
Typical scene in the Snowbird Lots during storms of "The Greatest Snow on Earth" Photo: Kyler Roush
Typical scene in the Snowbird Lots during storms of “The Greatest Snow on Earth” Photo: Kyler Roush

The last few months the bars, climbing crags, trails and inter-webs have been abound with rumors on proposed parking changes at Snowbird.  Not surprising was that nearly every rumor I had heard was flat out wrong.  Some of the most egregious accused Snowbird of attempting to charge for any and all parking and that couldn’t be further from the truth!

The Facts:

  • Snowbird has 2,800 parking spots not including the existing valet area
  • Snowbird is only designating 45 spots as “Preferred Parking”  (22 on the Bypass Road and 23 in Lower Gad Valley
  • The “Pond Lot” and its 125 parking spaces will now be reserved for carpooling ONLY (This lot was already a carpool lot but was not enforced)
  • Last season Snowbird revamped their employee parking policy.  Employees have the least desirable parking (I walk .4 miles in the morning if the shuttle isn’t running yet) where as before they often had the best by showing up as early as they do for work.
  • Snowbird has partnered up with UTA and has multiple 15 person “Ride Share” vans to help remove employee vehicles from the road and lots.  Snowbird is also doubling the amount of vans available for employee transit this season.
  • Snowbird has always worked with UTA buses to provide FREE transit up and down the canyon for season pass holders and employees
  • The Preferred Parking pass costs $209 dollars
  • The Preferred Parking areas are only reserved until noon each day then anyone can park

It’s unfortunate that so many unfounded rumors where being spread around with no facts to back them up.  Snowbird did wait later than many feel they should have with the facts as to their plans for parking which only helped to stoke the fire of complaints.  However Snowbird as a corporation can not survive without their local community pass-holders providing a massive influx of money through pass sales and will try their best as they always have to maintain a happy base of powder fanatics.

Photo Credit: Snowbird
Photo Credit: Snowbird

Green: Preferred Parking/ Carpool  Red: Valet Parking Purple: Reserved parking for hotel guests

Now any serious LCC Dirtbag can see that by no means is Snowbird really taking away the best parking.  Who seriously parks in Gad Valley?  We all know the best skiing is off the Tram and Peruvian.  In addition, anyone who knows about the Bypass Road knows the best parking on the Bypass is higher up for ski in and out access.

Now lets all take a step back and breath deep knowing that Snowbird is scheduled to open on Wednesday, November 20th or sooner if conditions permit.

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