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SNOWBIRD REPORTBig news and bluebird skies.

  • 48-Hour new snow: 1″
  • Year to date: 404″
  • Settled base: 106″
  • Recorded temperatures: Base (8100 ft) 26°F – 42°F  Hidden Peak (11,000ft) 17°F – 32°F

With only 1 meager inch of snow in the last 2 days my hopes were not high as I walked through the parking lot hearing skiers and boarders alike more devoted than I already scraping down hard packed groomers.  It was nearly 10:30 AM before I finally boarded the Tram to head up and find out for myself what the intense April sun had done to our snow.

The immediate choice in the Spring is to find south facing slopes that begin to thaw at 7am when the sun crests the ridges and peaks surrounding Snowbird.  Mineral Basin was definitely the place to be for smooth and hard yet edge-able groomers built for GS-turns.

This is where you wanted to be today!
This is where you wanted to be today!

Groomers are great in the spring, but the skier in all of us seeks more than a perfectly maintained slope for our mangled edges and core-shotted bases to tear across.  So it was off to the high angle, high altitude, north facing slopes of Silverfox, Great Scott, and Hanging Bowl.  Late Night and early morning winds of up to 39 mph had deposited copious amounts of wind buffed snow for the few skiers that ventured to Snowbird today.

Where is everyone?
Where is everyone?

The story of the day though was roomy trams.  I certainly don’t like being squeezed in with 100+ other sweaty skiers and riders who smell like their last shower could have been a week ago.  Fortunately many trams today had no more than 40-50 people.

The Better News…

Hopefully not this busy!
Back again by popular demand!

Spring at Snowbird this weekend is getting just a little better.  Gadzoom and Creekside Restaurant will re-open again Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Gadzoom was closed for the season 2 weeks ago but has been returned to us the last weekend and this weekend.  Thanks Snowbird for the gift!

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