Snowbird, UT Report: Wet, Wild, Snowy, Walk-On Tram Fun

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Snowing hard on Gadzoom. image: snowbrains

Report from April 15th, 2019

We got out at Snowbird ski resort, UT yesterday in some wet, wild, snowy, fun conditions.

The skiing was soft and damn fun.

Visibility was low and the snow stuck to your goggles at times but there was no one out.

Ripping down Silver Cirque. image: snowbrains

Walk on trams all day.

It was snowing hard all day and the snow wasn’t sticky anywhere until about 2pm.

At about 2pm, we skied to the bottom of Gadzoom and it was raining down there and the snow was sticky.

All our laps off the tram were very fun.

Silver Fox was ripping and the wet sluff management in there was fun.

Great Scott was wide open and soft.

Up in the cloud on Little Cloud. image: snowbrains

Walk on trams.

Fast, fun, soft snow.

No one out.

Fun day.

This morning, Snowbird is reporting 6″ overnight and 11″ in the past 24 hours.

Today should be a great day at Snowbird.



image: snowbird, 4/16/19


image: noaa, 4/16/19

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