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In 2022, we went to Antarctica to ski guide with Ice Axe Expeditions twice.


2 trips of a lifetime in a 4-week window…

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Deception Island

The weather was insane on both trips.

Much higher than average snowpack and snowfall last year.

We took full advantage and experienced the deepest powder days we’ve ever had on the white continent.

Unfortunately, some of that deep snow footage got lost (some Instagram from the deep snow below).

The shot of me skiing down where there is a bunch of earth showing is Deception Island – a truly wild place.

Deception Island is an active volcanic caldera that once held British and Norwegian whaling stations.

We sail into the caldera via Neptune’s Bellows and it’s an experience.

I’ll be heading back to Antarctica in a matter of weeks and look forward to returning to this otherworldly continent!

Note: We shot this footage last season and never got around to editing a compilation of it until now!

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