SnowBrains Forecast: HUGE Week For Colorado on the Way

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Forecast by SnowBrains forecaster Clay Malott – 3/19/23 6 pm MT

Colorado is in for a deep week ahead, with most resorts looking at multiple feet of snowThe storm will last from Sunday night to Wednesday evening, hitting southern Colorado the hardest.

The first flakes will fall in the San Juans on Sunday evening and gradually fill the north overnight. Overnight accumulations will be negligible in the central and northern mountains, but resorts in the San Juans will pick up 1-3″.

Light snowfall will continue during the ski day on Monday, with resorts in the central and southern mountains looking at another 1-3″ accumulation.

Things heat up on Monday night. Wolf Creek is the exception, where over a foot of overnight snow is realistic (10-14″). Resorts in central and northern CO will pick up another 1-2″ during the ski day on Tuesday, while southern CO resorts will see 3-6″. By the time lifts are spinning on Tuesday, Steamboat is looking at 3-6″, I-70 resorts 1-3″, central mountains 4-7″, and southern mountains are looking at 5-8″.

Tuesday night will bring another epic surge of snowfall. By Wednesday morning, here are some realistic overnight total ranges:

  • Northern mountains (including I-70): 1-3″
  • Central mountains (Aspen, Crested Butte, Monarch): 3-7″
  • Southern mountains: 5-12″ with 12-18″ likely at Wolf Creek
Blended model forecast for Tuesday night. Credit:

Snowfall will intensify in the central and northern mountains during the day on Tuesday, which will help boost storm totals in those regions:

  • Northern mountains (including I-70): 2-4″
  • Central mountains (Aspen, Crested Butte, Monarch): 3-5″
  • Southern mountains: 4-8″ with 9-14″ likely at Wolf Creek

Precipitation will start to calm down on Wednesday night, bringing another 1-3″ to resorts across the state. At this point, the main stretch of the storm will be over.

The rest of the week will bring lingering showers distributed relatively evenly across the state, ensuring conditions remain excellent through the weekend. Beyond the weekend, there is no consensus on when the next system could roll through, so stay tuned for another SnowBrains forecast soon!

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