Two Patrollers at Solitude Ski Resort, UT Caught in Inbounds Avalanche

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2 Solitude patrollers were caught in an avalanche yesterday. Credit: KUTV

There were tense moments on Thursday morning for two ski patrol officers who found themselves caught in an avalanche at Solitude Ski Resort, UTThe two were doing avalanche control in the Honeycomb Canyon area of the resort when a small avalanche was triggered, reported KUTV.

“During that routine operation this morning, a small slide started. Two of our ski patrol officers were caught in the slide but, fortunately, they recovered and they are fine now,” said Sara Huey, Solitude spokesperson.

One of the patrol officers was buried; the other deployed his avalanche airbag. Both were treated at the medical center at Solitude and released.
Huey says this shows the dangers of avalanches and why the ski patrol does this to protect the public.

“It’s easy to forget that inbound on a ski resort all these dangers are controlled by professional patrol and they are really well-trained very focused on the public safety,” said Huey. “It’s very important to obey all of the signs that are posted.”

Solitude, like many other resorts up Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, has gotten dumped on with as much as six feet of snow in just five days.

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