Squaw Valley, CA Report: Big Backflips Off The Most Perfect Palisades We’ve Seen

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Report from May 20th, 2019

Squaw Valley, CA just experienced its 4th legit powder day in the past 5 days and more snow is forecast tonight.

Squaw has seen 23″ of snow the past 5 days.

The skiing has been unreal 4 of the past 5 days.

Today was the only one of those days that was sunny.

Mainline Pocket. image: snowbrains

Squaw Valley Professional Ski Patrol got the Palisades open at about 8:30am and they were as good as we’ve ever seen them.

Even long time local and ski industry mogul Scott Gaffney said this of yesterday’s conditions in the Palisades:

“…some of the most glorious Palisades snow I’ve ever seen. May 20. Ahhh. I’m all tingly inside.” – Scott Gaffney on May 20th, 2019


Yeah, that’s how good the Palisades were yesterday.

The Palisades were so good yesterday, they made you feel tingly inside.

Palisades. image: snowbrains

We also went for a couple of laps on Mainline Pocket and jumped off a few things.

Then, a fog rolled in and we did 2 Reverse Traverses and were off the mountain by 11am.

Squaw is quite simply incredible right now and there is no one out.

Oh, and NOAA has issued another Winter Weather Advisory that is calling for 3-7 more inches of snow tonight!


image: squaw, 5/21/19


image: noaa, 5/21/19


Mainline Pocket. image: snowbrains

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