Squaw Valley Conditions Report: Deep and Damn Fun

Bevan Waite |
Arriving at Squaw around 11am

It snowed quite a bit more than expected Monday at Squaw Valley.  Monday night it snowed even harder (around a foot) and we woke up early to ensure we’d get the goods.  Unsurprisingly, in the morning Squaw was not open and everything that was scheduled was on wind hold indefinitely.  After making a hearty breakfast, studying some Squallywood lines, and wondering whether I should just go to work instead of waiting around, Red Dog and Squaw Creek finally opened at 11am, so we walked over and hopped on the chair.

Dropping into the Red Dog Pillow! The rocks are gone!

It was ripping!  The snow was a bit heavy and gunky, but the spines were completely covered and extremely playful.  We had a blast navigating a controlled fall down pillows and into the perfectly spaced trees below.  Unfortunately at 1:30pm, the lift shut down due to a lightning hazard.  Regardless, it was a damn fun hour and a half.

Second pillow pop.
Slashing pow at the bottom of the pillow line. P: Bevan

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