Squaw Valley Ski Patroller Diagnosed With Rare Type of Brain Cancer

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Amy in ski patrol uniform up on emigrant ridge
Squaw Valley ski patroller, Amy Holland, has begun her fight against cancer – PC: Mikki Zuiches

Ski patrollers devote so much of their lives to keeping us safe. Working long hours, they venture into avalanche terrain in the early hours to protect people, who they don’t even know, against the most dangerous aspects of skiing. Now, in the light of an unfortunate event, the skiing community has a chance to give back to one of these people who has committed much of their lives to protecting us.

Amy is a ski patroller and all around good woman
Amy has put in endless hours in hazardous conditions to keep us skiers out of danger – PC: Squaw Valley Ski Patrol

Amy Holland, a ski patroller at Squaw Valley, was at home last Thursday when she collapsed without warning. She was rushed to the nearest hospital in Truckee, where doctors found tumor in her brain. Amy was then moved to a larger hospital in Reno, where surgeons were able to examine and resect the mass.

Her brain tumor was identified as a rare and extremely aggressive type of brain cancer called Glioblastoma. She is already working against partial paralysis on the right side of her body and speech difficulties. Unfortunately Amy’s prognosis is poor, and due to the nature of this type of cancer she’s got a lot ahead of her.

Amy is still smiling despite everything she's been through in the last few days
Amy has such a stellar attitude, with a big smile on her face in spite of everything that has happened – PC: Mikki Zuiches

The good news is that Amy is one tough cookie, and if anyone is going to beat cancer it’ll be her. Along with working ski patrol in the winters, she is an ultramarathon runner, and an all around strong, determined woman. It’s important to have a resilient mindset when dealing with something like this, and Amy has got it.

That being said, Amy should be focused on her recovery rather than stressing over bills. Surgery and hospital stays cost a lot of money, and with no idea when she might be able to even consider working again, she has a lot on her plate financially, to go with the cancer.

Let’s show her that the ski community cares, and that we’re grateful for everything she has done for us as a ski patroller. 

Click here to help Amy in her fight against cancer

The money raised by her GoFundMe campaign will go straight towards helping pay for her hospital stays, surgery, and ongoing needs as she continues her battle.

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