State of Emergency Declared After 57 Hour Blizzard Hits A Small Canadian Town

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Churchill, Manitoba. Image: @darrylsden/Twitter

A State of Emergency has been declared in Churchill, Manitoba after 60cm (24″) of snow fell during a storm that lasted 57 hours. This heavy snowfall was accompanied by strong winds of about 120 kmh (75mph). Last Thursday, the town was advised to stay indoors due to a crazy storm that was forecasted to hit the area. On Friday, strong winds and heavy snow combined for a visibility that was less than 1 km.

“Following the sustained three day blizzard that included 60 centimetres of snow, wind gusts of up to 120km/hr and zero visibility, the Town has now been able to physically assess the extent and impact on the community,” read a statement by the Town of Churchill. “It is evident there is significant clean-up work to be done that will impact the Town’s existing resources to complete this work and bring the community back to a state of normalcy. As a result, Council for the Town of Churchill has declared a state of local emergency until further notice.”

Everything got buried. Image: @inkhedz/Twitter

Churchill, Manitoba got so buried that residents were encouraged to place fluorescent markers where items were buried for snow removal purposes. The town has been digging out for the past two days and there is still a lot of work to do. The forecast for the area is relatively dry for the next few days, but it looks like the snow will return early next week. Thankfully, it will not be as heavy as the latest storm.

Digging out the Churchill Airport. Image: @thenoisesabove/Twitter

The State of Emergency is in effect to aid Churchill in acquiring any resources or personnel that will help them dig out from this insane storm. At this moment, we aren’t sure how long it will take the town to dig out from this storm, but it will clearly take a while.

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