Stranded Climber Flown Off 14,000′ Capitol Peak, CO

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Knifes Edge, Capitol Peak 14er. Credit: Heather and Will Rochfort

Colorado’s 14ers have been a large source of problems this year.

Capitol Peak itself has seen 5 deaths this year and many rescues.

A rescue occurred on Capitol Peak on Wednesday and is detailed below.

Stranded​ ​Climber​ ​Flown​ ​Off​ ​Of​ ​Capitol​ ​Peak

by Mountain Rescue Aspen

September 6th, 2017

Pitkin​ ​County,​ ​Colorado​ ​–​ ​September​ ​6,​ ​2017​ –​ Today at approximately 2:40PM Pitkin County
Regional Emergency Dispatch Center received a report of a climber stranded on Capitol Peak. The
climber, later identified as Joseph Seeds Jr. of Denver was descending after summiting Capital Peak
when he got off route in the area of the peak’s sub-summit K2. Seeds was unable to get back on
route and became stranded on unstable terrain. Seeds was then able to contact a friend, via text
message, and request help.

At approximately, 4:45PM a Mountain Rescue Aspen (MRA) helicopter team consisting of 2 rescuers
was flown into the field by a National Guard Black Hawk helicopter from the High Altitude Training
Center. Additionally at approximately 5:00PM an MRA hasty team consisting of 4 rescuers entered
the field on foot at the Capitol Creek Trailhead. Shortly after 5:00PM the MRA helicopter team located
Seeds below K2, to the northwest of the summit. Seeds was thirsty and fatigued, but otherwise
uninjured. Seeds and the MRA helicopter team were then flown off the mountain.
All rescuers were out of the field by 6:15PM and the incident was closed a short time later.

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