Stratton, VT, Report: Best Day Of The Year

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“Why Not” cliff. (Photo: Snowbrains)

Report from Saturday, March 4th, 2023 

Stratton Mountain was incredible on Saturday. After a winter of ups and downs, winter finally showed up—big time.

Thanks to some smaller storms last week and before that, for the first time this year we had a significant base, making the trees skiable. Then a new storm appeared in the forecast; 10-15 inches for Southern Vermont on Friday night. The ski highways of New England (87, 89, 91, 93) were full on Friday.

We woke up, looked at the report, and rushed out to ski a foot of fresh snow. The entire mountain was open. We immediately got in line and headed to Snowbowl.

Snowbowl and Lower Liftline at 9am (Photo: Snowbrains)

The snow in the woods was great. Untracked, not too wet, and for the first time in a long time, we weren’t hitting anything underneath. No crust, no rocks, no logs.

Fan Favorite “Test Pilot” glade (Photo: Snowbrains)

The snow got heavier and more chopped as the day progressed, but there were no lines. I skied until the last chair and my legs still ache.

Chopped late day snow and skiers (Photo: Snowbrains)

The last few years have been a string of bad luck here. I can’t quite remember the last time before this I skied a foot of powder here with no hazards exposed. February 2021? Maybe March 2019? Either way, I was hitting spots I haven’t even been to in years and was ecstatic. What a day!

Photo: Snowbrains

Snow Report

Photo: Stratton Mountain Resort

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