Sunlight Basin: Snowmobiler Triggers Avalanche, No Injuries

Robin Azer | | AvalancheAvalanche


Last weekend, a tragedy was narrowly averted when a snowmobiler was caught and partially buried in an avalanche. The rider caught in the slide had been filming his friend, who triggered the slide, at the time. The incident took place in Sunlight Basin in the southern Madison Range. This human triggered avalanche left behind no injuries.

Avalanche Sunlight Basin, southern Madison Range,  picture from February 14, 2017
Credit: GNFAC

The slope has an east-northeast aspect and was heavily wind loaded. The slide was triggered from low on the slope and it propagated a few hundred feet uphill. The rider who triggered the slide was not caught, but another rider in the run out zone was partially buried near the toe of the debris.

GNFAC (Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center)

Location of avalanche – southern Madison Range.
Credit: GNFAC

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