Extreme Heat is Shrinking the Tallest Mountain in Sweden

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Swedens tallest peak shrinking
The Kebnekaise mountain range in northern Sweden. Courtesy of nbcnews.com and author Linda Givetash

Weeks of very intense heat in alliance with the Scandinavian forest fires this summer has brought up new research stating that Sweden’s tallest peak is shrinking. If the fires and the heat continue, the southern peak of Kebnekaise may lose it the title of Sweden’s tallest mountain.

Kebnekaise mountain rests on the northwest edge of Sweden and has two peaks, the southern one being the tallest and highest point in Sweden, and the northern peak, being the second tallest, just falling short due to the southern peaks glacier caps. Only a month ago the southern peak measured at 6,893 feet, but at the end of July, the peak was measured at 6,880 feet, only six inches higher than the northern peak.

Fire sizes increasing glacier melting
A fire burns in Sweden on July 15th, causing major temperature rises. Courtesy to earther.gizmodo.com and author Maddie Stone

After a long month of extreme heat, temperatures climbed into the 90’s above the Arctic circle. A lot of snow and ice has melted and has decreased the size of the glacier caps substantially. There have been large measurements of melting ice in Antarctica and Greenland which is causing the planet to warp and mountains have been growing and shrinking based off of geographic location and temperature, and geologists in Sweden have been able to watch that happen this summer.

Without a decrease in heat or a drastic change in forest sire coverage, the tallest peak in Sweden may be losing its title.

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