Swell Saturdays: Worst Wipe-Outs of 2012

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Wipe out.  It’s a highly subjective term.  You wipe out on a 3-foot wave and it’s funny.  You wipe out on a 30-foot wave and it could be deadly.  The wipe outs in this video are generally of the latter.

Some of these wipe outs aren’t too unlike ski and snowboard wipe outs.  Tomahawks, face-plants, boards hitting you as you fall, 10-foot falls, 20-foot falls,

Of course, the biggest difference between snow and surf falls is that the lip doesn’t hit in the face, as it does to Danny Fuller in this video.  But, we suppose that sluff could hit you and knock you silly.

One other big difference is that you could fall thousands of feet down a mountain side, where with waves, you’r generally not going to fall more than 30-feet or so before your fall ends.

The final big similarity is being held under and avalanches.  Both keep you away from oxygen for prolonged periods and are extremely dangerous.

Enjoy watching these worst wipe outs of 2012, but not too much…

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