Swiss Attempt To Break Speed Skiing Records w/ Insane New Course | 156 MPH!

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Mont Fort Venue in Verbier Switzerland
Mont Fort Venue in Verbier Switzerland

Its certainly not anything new that the French and Swiss seem to be genetically prone to take part in competitive and risky activities constantly trying to one up the other.  This year the Swiss have taken it a step further.

Ramp Construction

The current speed skiing record holder is Simone Origone from Italy.  Simone skied an astonishing 156.2 mph in April of 2006.  But the French and Swiss rivalry does not stem from Simone himself necessarily.  The issue is the record was set in Les Arcs, France, a title the the engineering geniuses of Switzerland would like back.

This last weekend the Swiss formally tested their secret weapon in Verbier, Switzerland and it wasn’t Oakley White Allen straight-lining “The Bec”.  It came in the form of a giant 110 foot, 60 degree plastic covered ramp installed 2 years ago at the top of the Mont-Fort venue.  Due to lack of Snow the ramp has not been able to be used the last 2 years.  However due to above average snow this year skiers expect to already be traveling 75 mph when their skis first touch the snow.

View from the top of the new ramp.
View from the top of the new ramp.

Recap of the 2013 Speed Skiing Event in Verbier, Switzerland

Unfortunately the Swiss will have to wait another year for another chance to reclaim the record.  The current record holder Simone Origone only reached 134.84 MPH, 6 MPH slower than the venue record of 140.31.  The fasted woman, Sanna Tidstrand reached an impressive 128 MPH.

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5 thoughts on “Swiss Attempt To Break Speed Skiing Records w/ Insane New Course | 156 MPH!

  1. rad! Saw them Building this thing a few years back when I was checking out Vierbier. That run is no joke to start with. But to build an in run into a 60 plus degree slope is rowdy to say the least!

  2. I feel that if they employed this concept (launching ramp) on the old track in Silverton, the record would fall. The thinner air is what drew them there in the first place. I know the logistics of doing it in the middle of nowhere makes it unrealistic, but still a thought.
    C’mon, Jimbo, how ’bout it?!?

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