Switzerland Hosts Inaugural FIS Freestyle Ski Summer Grand Prix

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Jump in Mettmenstetten
An aerial skier mid trick at Mettmenstetten, Switzerland. | Picture: FIS Ski Website

History was made under sunny skies on August 20, 2023, as the inaugural FIS Freestyle Ski Summer Grand Prix took place at the Jump’in waterramp in Mettmenstetten, Switzerland. Mettmenstetten is situated about 20 mins south of Zurich. The Jumpin’ is a state-of-the-art waterramp which provides ramps for summer training for various FIS disciplines. Here some of the world’s best athletes finesse their tricks before taking them to the snow the next season. Mettmenstetten is home training ground for the Swiss National Aerials Team, but Australian Laura Peel and German Emma Weiss for example also train alongside the Swiss team.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that last weekend’s field consisted of the world’s best aerial skiers. In the women’s field, competition was fierce, and victory was taken by non-other than Canada’s Marion Thenault. With poise and precision, she executed a mesmerizing Lay-double Full-Full, propelling her to the top of the leaderboard with an astonishing score of 110.18 points.

Australia’s Laura Peel showcased her trademark aerial finesse by flawlessly executing a Full-Full-Full, securing her well-deserved second place with a score of 106.89 points. Meanwhile Switzerland’s Carol Bouvard rounded out the top three, wowing the judges with her Full-Tuck-Tuck trick, earning her a score of 89.59 points.

The men’s podium with Noe Roth (1st), Pirmin Werner (2nd) and Chris Lillis (3rd). | Picture: Chris Lillis Instagram
The men’s podium was dominated by the Swiss, with local Noe Roth, who hails from Zug — just 15 minutes away from the waterramp — stomping a Full double Full-Full, securing him 140.76 points. Second place went to teammate Pirmin Werner, who smashed a double Full-Full double Full, giving him 137.00 points. Third place went to Team USA’s Chris Lillis who landed an impeccable double Full-Full double Full that scored 131.00 points.

The FIS Freestyle Ski Summer Grand Prix continues its journey, with the second stop set to dazzle at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, UT, on August 26, 2023. If you happen to be in the area, make sure to catch some of the incredible action.

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