Tahoe Backcountry Report: The Shark Fin

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Report from January 19th, 2020

Brought to you by Alpenglow Expeditions

Yesterday, we went in search of powder snow.

It hasn’t snowed since Thursday and temperatures got up to 44ºF on Saturday, but we had a feeling there’d be some leftovers.

There were.

Terrain. image: snowbrains

And they were good.

Dense, surfy, playful, powder-covered, north-facing slopes were holding.

 We skied the Shark Fin & it was an incredible experience like nothing I’ve ever done.

Big terrain. image: snowbrains

Fun pillow still abound due to the lower snow levels that we’re seeing in Tahoe.

Lower snowpack in Tahoe = feature-full, fun terrain all over.

Tahoe is at about the perfect tide right now, IMHO.


If you’re interested in skiing the Tahoe Backcountry, please contact Alpenglow Expeditions for a guide and all the local knowledge.


image: sierra avalanche center, 1/19/20


Bevan smiles! image: snowbrains
Big trees. image: snowbrains
Monster cornice. image: snowbrains
Alex smiles! image: snowbrains
Lines. image: snowbrains
Bevan. image: snowbrains
Breaking trail. image: snowbrains
Apres Tea. image: snowbrains

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