VIDEO: Taking Skiing Back To The Basics with Marcus Caston | ‘Return Of The Turn’ Teaser

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Is there a better feeling skiing than that perfect turn? Sure doing the perfect park laps feels great, but it doesn’t quite compare to the feeling you get from that perfect turn. Skiing has moved away from the basics over recent years especially with the increase in terrain parks, snowboarding and user-friendly skis.  Skiing used to be about enjoying the entire mountain, not waiting in line at the terrain park to hit some jumps or rails.

Don’t get me wrong park laps can be great fun and it takes some serious talent to pull off a lot of the tricks. However, you really get to know the mountain, experience its true natural beauty and test your skills when you go and explore everything the mountain has to offer.

“There are only four thing you can do on skis. Turn right. Turn left. Go straight. Or sell them.” Marcus Caston 

Marcus Caston is definitely taking this to heart and pushing skiing back to the basics in his new film ‘Return of the Turn’.

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