VIDEO: Terrifying Footage of Being Swept Away by an Avalanche in Austria

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A skier who was waiting to descend ski route in the Austrian Alps got a shock when the snowpack beneath him gave way, creating an avalanche he unexpectedly caught on camera.

The skier told Reuters his group had intended to ski down the slope near the resort of St. Anton am Arlberg one at a time.

“[We] didn’t realize that we already put a ton of pressure on the snow. The rest is explained by the video,” he said. “After the avalanche, I was in a bit of a shock and had no clue how many of my friends were buried or not. Happy to be alive, I started to search to see if I could find anyone, not knowing if there was anyone underneath the snow.”

A mountain rescue team arrived to assist, the skier said, adding that the rescue team was surprised by the location of the avalanche, given that it was a popular off-piste route. Thankfully, no one was buried or injured by the avalanche.

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