The 5 Flattest Ski Resorts in the U.S.

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Mount Holiday
Chairlift at Mount Holiday / Photo Credit: Mount Holiday Facebook

Most skiers and riders dream of skiing mountains bigger than their last and riding epic lines down massive mountains, but what if one was interested in finding the flattest hills? There are plenty of resources online to find the steepest resorts to visit, but this list will explore the five flattest ski resorts, or rather ski hills, in the U.S.

5. Mount Holiday Ski Area, MI

Mount Holiday
Snowmaking at Mount Holiday / Photo Credit: Mount Holiday Facebook

Mount Holiday in Michigan is mostly catered towards new skiers and snowboarders while also offering a terrain park for the more experienced. The resort claims 180 vertical feet of lift-serviced terrain during the winter and has two chair lifts and a surface lift. The resort also offers winter tubing and a hoard of other activities during the summer.

4. Arrowhead Recreation Area, NH

Arrowhead Recreation Area
Arrowhead Recreation Area / Photo Credit: Arrowhead Facebook

Boasting 120 feet of vertical drop, Arrowhead Recreation Area in New Hampshire just recently celebrated its 60-year anniversary. The resort is owned and operated by the city of Claremont, New Hampshire, and offers other activities aside from skiing and riding, such as ice skating and snow tubing. Being limited by one small lift, the resort’s tiny vertical drop is no surprise, but this didn’t use to be the case. Before its reopening in 2004, the resort had two lifts that serviced 600 feet of drop, but the original lift was removed for reasons not made clear by their website, which reduced the drop-down to 120 feet.

3. Four Lakes Alpine Sports, IL

Four Lakes Alpine Sports
Four Lakes Alpine Sports / Photo Credit: Four Lakes Facebook

Another midwest resort, Four Lakes Alpine Sports is located in Illinois, a convenient 30-minute drive from downtown Chicago. The resort features only surface lifts, which makes the 100 vertical feet of drop more understandable. The resort gets its name because of its proximity to Four Lakes, a nearby lake. The resort looks like a great spot for beginners and anyone interested in a unique ski experience

2. Cloudmont Ski Resort, AL

Cloudmont Ski Resort
Cloudmont Ski Resort / Photo Credit: Cloudmont Facebook

The flagship (and only) ski resort of Alabama, Cloudmont Ski Resort is one of the south’s only ski resorts. The resort is located 1,800 feet above sea level and features two lifts that service 98 vertical feet of slopes. The resort relies entirely on machine-made snow when temperatures drop below freezing at night. The resort also offers golfing when snow guns aren’t blasting.

1. Sawkill Family Ski Center, NY

Sawkill Family Ski Center
Sawkill Family Ski Center / Photo Credit: Activity Hero

Located in New York, Sawkill Family Ski Center holds the title for flattest ski hill in the states and potentially the world, with an astonishing 70 vertical feet of downhill slopes. Like many others on this list, Sawkill offers snow tubing and other winter activities alongside its skiing. Sawkill is marketed as beginner-only and serves as an intimate spot for newcomers and primarily families to learn how to ski and ride.

Although many of these resorts would be underwhelming to most of our readers, it is important not to forget your humble beginning as a skier or snowboarder. Many of these resorts are just footnotes on a map, but they are the backbone of the ski industry, teaching and inspiring newcomers to explore alpine sports and form an appreciation for the snow. If it weren’t for these hills, many of us would have never explored skiing or snowboarding.

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6 thoughts on “The 5 Flattest Ski Resorts in the U.S.

  1. This article completely ignores larger ski areas that are flat. I’m the east, I find that okemo is flat but right across the valley a ski area with less vertical is less flat. The author should do a follow-up and dig deeper.

  2. So the way that your copy is written, Cloudmont is the only ski area in the South? I think not.

  3. don’t underestimate small areas. Olympic skier Julie Parisian started skiing at Lost Valley Maine 240 ft vertical

  4. says Four Seasons in Manlius/Fayetteville NY has only has 59 feet of vertical drop. That makes it the flattest ski resort in the USA and number one on your list. And its a full service kind of place. It has a chair lift, downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding, tubing (with its own tubing lift), golfing, batting cages, and lessons for golf, boarding and skiing, both downhill and cross country.

    They have claimed to be the smallest ski area in the world with a chairlift. While I don’t know whether its the smallest in the world, it may be flatter than any area on this list. I skied there a few times. Surprisingly, it’s entertaining even for non-beginners because of the terrain park, although there is nothing anyone but a beginner would call steep!

  5. I don’t know who you define “resort” or flat, but I think Four Seasons Ski and Golf in Fayetteville NY, with its vast 100 feet of vertical drop needs to be on this list. Not sure if you require on site lodging to define a resort. 4 Seasons doesn’t have any. Anyway, Four Seasons (formerly 90 Acres) has been continuously operating around since 1958 and has claimed to be the one of the smallest complete winter sports areas in the world with a chair lift service. Its a great place to learn and has a complete ski and riding lesson program, as well as after school programs and baseball cages and golfing in the summer. However its primarily a ski, snowboarding and tubing hill.

    See: for the area’s web site and
    and for statistics on NY state areas.

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