The Beartooth Pass (US 212) Is Closed In MT & WY Due To Heavy Snow

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Stock image of snow on Beartooth Pass.

Beartooth Pass (US 212) is experiencing heavy, blowing, and drifting snow due to an early fall snowstorm. This has prompted the Wyoming Department of Transportation to close the pass on the Wyoming side. Along with that, the Montana Department of Transportation has closed a large portion of it on their side.

Image of snow on the Beartooth Pass last year. Image: Lissa Elizabeth

Wyoming Closure:

  • Long Lake to Stateline

Montana Closure:

  • Vista Point to MT/WY Stateline
PURPLE= Beartooth Pass Closure In WY. Image: WYDOT
RED= Beartooth Pass Closure In MT. Image: MTDOT

Beartooth Pass Press Release:

“UPDATE ON BEARTOOTH PASS ON THE MONTANA SIDE: THE BEARTOOTH HIGHWAY (212) WILL NOW BE CLOSED ON THE MONTANA SIDE FROM VISTA PT 20 MILES SOUTH OF RED LODGE TO THE MT/WY STATELINE DUE TO ICY ROAD CONDITIONS AND BLOWING AND DRIFTING SNOW. The WY side of the PASS remains completely CLOSED from Long Lake to the Stateline. Travelers on the MT side will need to turn around at Vista Pt 20 miles South of Red Lodge and return to Red Lodge. Road surface from the Lower Gate to Vista Pt is Wet. From Vista PT to the Stateline it is Icy and Blowing & Drifting. Updates will be given as they are obtained. The PASS is scheduled to CLOSE bet. Oct 10th and 15th. Weather conditions could dictate it close sooner.”

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