The First Stand-Up Snowmobile Looks to Revolutionize Winter Powersports

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A new way to enjoy riding on snow. Credit:

There are so many ways to transport yourself on snow. Skis, snowboards, snow blades, snow bikes, fat bikes, snowshoes, and snowmobiles, just to name a few. Now, a Canadian company has created another option in the motorized space of snow travel with the first stand-up snowmobile; the Widescape WS250.

The WS250 is a revolution in winter powersports and comes with some unique characteristics that make it quite appealing. It is lightweight, agile, fuel-efficient, and quiet. It provides a much different riding experience than traditional snowmobiles.

The WS250 weighs less than 200 pounds and you can get a full day of riding on the 8-liter fuel tank. Credit:

Standing up on the anti-slip platform makes it more engaging and physical. It can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Just imagine being able to really lean into a turn similar to skiing or snowboarding, or like riding a banked turn on a mountain bike. It can also maneuver well in dense forests, as it leaves a narrower track than the average snowshoer. No more being limited to wide-open landscapes or designated snowmobile trails.

As expected, it costs less than a typical snowmobile and is easier to transport as well. There is no need to own a trailer, as two of them can fit in the bed of a truck.

The WS250 is available now for pre-order with delivery later this year in the fall.


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