The Most Prestigious Ski-In, Ski-Out Properties in the World Are Set to Be Built at Palisades Tahoe, CA

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The Peak Residence is the trademark estate. Credit:

The most prestigious and elaborate mountainside estates in the world are planned to be built at legendary Palisades Tahoe. The four-home real estate portfolio, called The DYAD of Olympic Valley, will soon be among the most iconic mountain properties in existence.

Location of the properties. Credit:

The properties will have premium views as well as direct and exclusive ski-in, and ski-out access. They will be located on Granite Chief Road, along Palisades Tahoe’s Sunnyside ski slope, directly adjacent to the Gold Coast Funitel and Wa She Shu Chairlift. Surrounding the properties are a flowing creek, unlimited views, and of course, the ski terrain.

Map of the estates. Credit:

Award-winning contractor Daniel Fraiman will facilitate the design and implementation of the project. The very James Bond-like concept design is being offered for $12.5 million. What the property could ultimately include will only be limited by the buyer’s imagination.

The Bond Lair. Credit:

The estates are designed to represent the dual nature of earth and sky. The word “dyad” means something that consists of two elements or parts. The Peak Residence symbolizes light and expansion with 360-degree mountain views. The Bond Lair represents the earth as it sits below the surface in the granite. It includes subtle access via a subterranean garage only elite enough for Agent 007 himself.

The market for high-end ski resort properties is still strong. According to Tahoe Mountain Realty, over half of all properties sold in the Lake Tahoe area sold for over $1 million in 2021. Additionally, there were 20 transactions for over $10 million.

The Golden E is a spherical house at the entrance to the estates. It is a reminder that guests are entering a new world. Credit:

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10 thoughts on “The Most Prestigious Ski-In, Ski-Out Properties in the World Are Set to Be Built at Palisades Tahoe, CA

  1. Maybe ski in ski out December to February. That side of the hill burns out so fast now.

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  3. Money can’t be taste or wisdom. With that kind of money I’d buy a really nice place near a heli ski operation.

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  5. You don’t need to build to enjoy the sport so many love the beauty of the mountains and all of nature should have access to everyone who wishes to participate.Thank you to the many skilled people who make others want to get out and get some of the sport…

  6. I enjoy watching the rich price the locals out of Tahoe.

    Its only going to keep getting worse.

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  7. Hey Brent,
    Thats’s great if you have ten years to wait for a tunnel to get built off a single lane triple black diamond road with no garbage service. Black diamonds are great for skiing, not so much for driving to your house that you can’t get to. How about a house you can use now with panoramic views, a walk to skiing location, and an easy ‘green circle’ approach? Save the white knuckles for ski poles above the Fingers of KT22, not for the steering wheel.

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