The New Elan Voyager: The World’s First High-Performance All-Mountain Folding Ski

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elan's new voyager skis
Folded Voyager Skis, image: Elan Skis Facebook

After jumping through all of the hoops and emptying out your bank account just to go on a few-day ski trip… you now have to face the headache of getting all of your gear on a plane or packed into the car. Arguably, the worst part about skiing is trudging your skis, poles, boots, helmet, goggles, and the bag full of accessories that rivals the size of Santa’s bag from home to the mountains. 

Elan set out to ease this burden with their new all-mountain Voyager Ski. The Voyager was awarded, “the world’s first fully functional, folding, all-mountain ski.” Elan made folding skies previous to the Voyager; however, they were made for military use making the Voyager the first all-mountain folding skies sold to civilians. While they have the ability to fold with a four-axis technology, the strong and flexible carbon-reinforced plate promises no compromise on performance. 

elan folding voyager skis
All three colors, image: Elan Skis Facebook

They are meant to charge hard on intermediate to expert terrain and to ride at medium to fast speed. The all-mountain ski allows for the skier to have fun on groomed and variable terrain; although, they do not claim it to be an ideal powder ski.

The Voyager ski is offered in three colors: black, green, and pink. All three colors are offered in three lengths 160, 166, and 172 cm, making them skiable for a variety of heights. The only dimensions offered are a tip width of 127 mm, a waist width of 78 mm, and a tail width of 110 mm; naturally, the radius varies by the length of the ski. 

All three lengths can fold into less than a meter, allowing the skier to transport them with ease and never fret about waiting for their oversized luggage. The specialized rotating bindings (see image below) are included with the purchase of skis, and they sell telescoping poles to shrink down to fit in the small bag with your skis.

elan's rotating bindings
Rotating binding technology that allows the skis to fold, image: Elan Skis Facebook

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  1. Elan has made foldable skis for the public for years. They have made foldable skis for the military for even longers.

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