The Pointe De La Masse: World’s Fastest Gondola

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Top of new Gondola
View from the top of the world’s fastest gondola. Credit: Patrick Thorne,

Imagine that you just got done getting ready for your first day of skiing on your trip with friends. You make your way to the gondola, only to be stopped short. The line for the gondola is super long and the estimated wait time is an hour. You begin to wonder if you went to a ski resort or an amusement park. That is why Les Menuires Ski Resort, in 3 Vallées, France put in their new gondola to avoid those long lift lines so you can get up to the summit.  

This new gondola goes by the name “Pointe de la Masse Gondola” and will take you a total distance of about 9,200 feet in just a matter of 8 minutes. There is more to this lift than just its speed. It boasts state-of-the-art technology, creating one of the fastest and quietest ski lifts in the world. Plus, it has a capacity of 10 riders per gondola. The new lift is a straight ride to the top, meaning you will not have to stop, exit, and get into a new gondola to reach the summit. The lift is in the La Masse mountainside. La Masse is known as the most beautiful summit of the 3 Vallées. 

fastest gondola
New Pointe de la Masse Gondola. Credit: Les Menuires Facebook

If you’re still new to the sport or just want to cruise some easier slopes, they got you covered. The original Masse 1 gondola is still intact and takes you halfway up the mountain to some nice long green slopes. But even if you don’t ski, you can still take the Pointe de la Masse Gondola to enjoy the massive panoramic deck overlooking the mountainside and ski slopes. The deck also has binocular machineslike those you would find on a high rise overlooking the cityThe binoculars are set to be positioned to view some of the glaciers and other points of interest. It also features picnic areas and a newly updated restaurant with some world-class views while dining.  

Les Menuires has provided both skiers and non-skiers a new way to enjoy mother nature’s beauty and time with family and friends in the beautiful La Masse. 

Restaurant atop mountain
Le 2800 restaurant that sits at the top of Pointe de Le Masse Gondola- Credit:

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  1. Yes, Ron you are correct, I saw where my wording was confusing and I thank you for bringing that to my attention.

  2. The Pointe de la Masse lift rises 3,130 ft, not 9,200! 9,200 ft in 8 minutes would be like what a jet airliner does on takeoff.

  3. Look at how Europe built ski resorts above treeline to the gnarliest peaks possible.

    Imagine if we could have done that in the Sierra’s. We have sooo much amazing terrain locked up by the Enviro’s.

    Its nuking at 14,000′ right now. Too bad we can’t go snowmobile, heli ski or build a new ski resort.

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