This May End Up Being the Ski Movie of the Year: “Blank. the movie”

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This really is a movie made by skiers for skiers.  “The boys” if you will, made this movie.

Pro skier and all around great guy KC Deane produced, directed, and starred in this movie.

We ran into these boys while filming up on Haines Pass, AK this year and had some good times.  Fires, beers, butts up soccer juggling, lies, zero girls, northern lights, skateboards, and plenty of bad weather.

I’m looking forward to this movie more than any other that will be coming out this year. 

This group of guys charges hard and they all put their heart and soul into skiing.  These are real skiers, doing real skiing, living the real ski bum lifestyle.

blank. The movie takes you around the world to ski as well as showing a glimpse of what happens off the ski hill.

Shot on Location in Japan, Europe, and Alaska.

Featuring Alexi Godbout, Vinnie Gagnier, KC Deane, Josh Daiek, Mike Henitiuk, and Max Morello

Principal Cinematography by Colin D Watt

Directed and Produced by KC Deane

Coming to iTunes this fall.

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