This Self-Closing, Two-Strap, Step-In Binding is What Snowboarders Have Been Waiting For

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step in binding
The Supermatic binding. Credit:

For years snowboarders have had to deal with traditional two-strap bindings that are cumbersome and slow to get into. It has been a necessary evil that you must take extra time to tighten your strap bindings every time you get off the lift. This is even more annoying on a powder day while everyone else is poaching the fresh tracks.

Get ready for a faster way to get the goods. Credit:

Now a new binding from Swiss brand Nidecker has changed the game for snowboarders everywhere. Their new binding, the Supermatic, offers a slip-in, dual-strap entry system that makes getting in and out of snowboard bindings a breeze.

“Supermatic is a game-changer, it’s the revolution snowboarding was waiting for! An automatic binding that works like a normal two-strap. I’ve ridden it in all conditions, deep powder, park, backcountry, and had zero issues. Top!”

Mathieu Crépel, French professional snowboarder

How does it work?

The new binding offers ease of performance, automatic operation, and a universal design that accommodates any style of snowboard boots. First, riders must adjust the binding for their boots and lock in the settings. From there, it’s easy. Users will simply slide their boot into the wide opening and stomp down on the heel to lock it in place. A heel cup roller makes it easy for the boot to slide in, no matter the snow conditions. Then they are ready to shred. A simple lever releases the binding to make getting out just as simple. You still get the locked-in feeling of straps, but you don’t have to tighten them every time.

The wide opening makes it easy to slide in and out. There is also the flexibility to use the binding traditionally if needed. Credit:

The binding has been in development for four years and is appropriate for new riders up to professionals. It is rated mid-stiff to appeal to a wide variety of levels. It is made with the highest quality materials and backed by Nidecker’s full warranty against manufacture defects. The Supermatic is priced at $399.95.

Drop-in technology looks to be the future of snowboarding. The video below shows how easy it is to set up and use the bindings.

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2 thoughts on “This Self-Closing, Two-Strap, Step-In Binding is What Snowboarders Have Been Waiting For

  1. Sorry for the typos, all the freekin ads on here block the comment box and I can’t see what I’m typing

  2. Looks nice for park kids. Dpubt the heel & hichghback support is as good as conventional (these are basically a rear entry bonding, nothing new, besides the auto click in). Would be terrible for the lift lines and gates/wickets. I suppose you could lock the highback up, defeating the main benefit of these bindings, and then have the annoyance of it in the way while skating… if it doesn’t get crushed by a low chair.
    For the expensive price, and more drawbacks than benfits, this is a hard pass.

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