Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina Report: Mt. Godoy Central Couloir Above The Sea

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Report from 11/3/22

Thursday was our last day in Tierra Del Fuego – for now.

We took advantage of a sunny day and headed back up to Godoy peak with our sights on the Godoy Central Couloir that I’ve skied twice in the past.

It’s a gorgeous chute that comes almost right off the summit and you can see it from everywhere in town and you can even see it from the plane when you’re flying in.

Gabe Monroe ripping down Godoy Central Couloir. image: snowbrains

We walked, we skinned, then we booted up the chute.

It was a gorgeous day with views of the Beagle Channel, Chile, mountains everywhere, the town of Ushuaia, and the harbor full of boats.

Gabe, Brendan, and Jeffrey joined me.

Brenden & Gabe leading the way with Godoy Central Couloir on the skyline. image: snowbrains

Brenden put in the booter and it was splendid.

We marched to the top and took in a wild view.

Our only mistake was leaving the house a touch too early and the sun wasn’t in the chute when we dropped in.

Jeffrey river committed to the river crossing. image: snowbrains

That didn’t affect the snow, though.

The snow was perfect corn.

We hooted and hugged at the bottom.

Lord of the Rings ridge. image: snowbrains

Godoy’s Central Couloir is world class!

We skied the mellow gully right back to our shoes and dug into the cross-country walk back to the trail.

At the trail, Brenden found a new trail, actually a mountain bike trail he named Directissimo. 

Da booter. image: snowbrains

It was direct all right…

Straight down to the hotel where we pick up our taxi.

We swirled through a gorgeous Tierra Del Fuegian forest before realizing that this mountain bike trail wasn’t going to the hotel.

Jeffrey grinding up. image: snowbrains

We went off trail over logs and bushes before we had to cross a river.

There was no choice but to get our feet to walk and trudge through the water.

On the other side at the hotel people looked at us like we were aliens with our large packs and skis.

Brenden going Central vein… image: snowbrains

The day was a success and a true adventure with a bit of everything all within the backdrop of a Lord of the Rings movie.

I’m writing this from the Ocean Adventurer in the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica.

Looking back at Ushuaia from the Ocean Adventurer. image: snowbrains

Seas are pretty mellow with 10′ swells and 35-knot winds but both are increasing as I write this.

We may ski Antarctica as soon as tomorrow…

The good life… image: snowbrains

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