Town of Vail, CO, to Receive $1.8 Million Grant for Clean Transit

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Vail to Receive Clean Transit Grant
Two new battery-operated electric buses will be added to the TOV fleet as the zero-emissions era begins in Vail. Photo Via: Town of Vail

Vail Transit will reach a significant milestone in its goal to transition to a 100% clean energy fleet by 2032. The Town of Vail is set to receive a $1.8 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration, as part of its program to improve clean transit in rural areas. The funds will help purchase a pair of battery-operated electric shuttle buses and accompanying charging infrastructure in addition to workforce training.

The grants received from the Federal Transit Administration represent the largest-ever issuance of federal funding for low and zero-emissions transit to the state of Colorado. According to CDOT, Colorado is receiving $51 million in federal funds for low- and zero-emission transit projects across the state, including a $34.8 million award to help the Summit County area transition to a 100% zero-emissions fleet. In a recent press release, CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew said; 

“Colorado is home to some of the best rural and mountain transit services in the country, and CDOT is proud to serve as their partner in competing for federal funds to support fleet electrification and improved service for Coloradans.”

Town of Vail to Receive $1.8 Million Grant for Clean Transit
Gilig, LLC, one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty transit buses in the U.S. Photo Via: Gillig Busses

According to Gillig, the vehicle manufacturer making Vail’s new fleet, each bus is powered by 100% renewable energy and costs approximately $860,000 each. Equipped with six onboard batteries, the new busses can be fully charged in under four hours in comparison to the current hybrid buses currently in service which average 3,155 gallons of diesel fuel a year. Utilizing a regenerative braking system, each bus can reach an estimated travel range of up to 150 miles on a single charge, providing passengers with a noticeably quieter and smoother ride.

With the help of the grant and the transition to battery electric buses, The Town of Vail is making huge strides toward Eagle County’s Climate Action Plan to cut climate pollution in Eagle County by 25% by 2025.

Town of Vail Electric Busses
Photo via: Town of Vail

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