Film Review: Travis Rice And Crew Created A Masterpiece | ‘The Fourth Phase’

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The Fourth Phase
Travis Rice in deep thought while on a thick sheet of ice during the filming of ‘The Fourth Phase’. PC: The Fourth Phase

The Fourth Phase,¬†which was released on October 2, 2016, is a Red Bull sponsored documentary film that follows snowboarding icon Travis Rice and his crew all around the world, as they take on some of the largest mountains. Rice’s crew includes some of the biggest names in snowboarding: Bryan Iguchi, Jeremy Jones, Mikkel Bang, Ben Ferguson, Shin Biyajima, Cam Fitzpatrick, Eric Jackson, Victor de Le Rue, and Mark Landvik.

Red Bull House Media and Brain Farm follow Rice and his crew on a four-year trek to make the snowboarding equivalent to that of a National Geographic documentary film. Rice and his pals overcame the most dangerous, untouched peaks of the Teton Range just outside of Jackson, Wyoming, the backwoods of Japan, and the rugged secluded peaks of Alaska and Russia.

The Fourth Phase is the extremely-anticipated follow-up to The Art of FLIGHT, another Red Bull sponsored documentary film. The Art of FLIGHT was the first film that Red Bull, Brain Farm and Travis Rice produced. It was released on September 8, 2011, it follows Rice and his crew on a two-year endeavor to unexplored mountains in some of the most remote areas in the world.

Red Bull
Red Bull House Media has helped produce films such as The Art of FLIGHT and The Fourth Phase. PC: Red Bull
The New Frequency
Brain Farm has helped produce high quality clips and films for Travis Rice, other pro athletes, and many companies. PC: Brain Farm

The Fourth Phase is the mega of all snowboarding films that have been released. There is an array of incredible aerials, helicopter shots, and out of this world camera angles. This is a must-see whether you enjoy snowboarding, skiing, or if you’re just looking for a good film to watch.

Red Bull House Media
Travis Rice at the peak of a mountain, and surrounding by a large mountain range while filming with Red Bull. PC: Red Bull

Travis Rice was born in Jackson, Wyoming, on October 9, 1982. His father was a ski patroller, which meant Rice was always around snowpacked mountains and was given a lot of knowledge about snow and the mountains. Rice exhibits unmatched determination, confidence, strength, skill, and drive. Rice has thrived in every aspect of the sport of snowboarding from his debut at the X Games, to earning the Adventurer and Rider of the Year awards, to widely being considered the world’s best snowboarder.

Red Bull
Travis Rice posing for a photo shoot with Red Bull. PC: Red Bull

Rice has swiftly pushed the evolution of action sports in many aspects. Rice has a large passion for snowboarding, but he also has a big passion for adventure on water. Rice enjoys sailing at sea and fishing. Rice has a newfound passion in chasing the water cycle. Without the water cycle there would be no snow for Rice, his crew, and many others to enjoy. “We’re looking at global weather and using this natural cycle as a metaphor for life,” Rice said in The Fourth Phase.

Red Bull House Media
Travis Rice takes flight as he hits a jump off a peak, while filming with Red Bull. PC: Red Bull

Rice and his crew has taken the water cycle to a new level, they have done an immense amount of research on the many water currents around the world and the Coriolis effect. The Coriolis effect causes winds and currents to form circular patterns. The direction that the current spins in depends on the hemisphere that they are in. Weather patterns can be tracked thanks to next-gen radar technology, this technology has helped Rice and his crew follow the best snowfall all around the world.

Water currents
The Coriolis effect causes winds and currents to form circular patterns, which in turn helps the water cycle.


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