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Shasta, conditions report
Ski touring up Mt. Shasta’s south side. Credit: Shasta Mountain Guides

Mt. Shasta Conditions Report:

By: Chris & Jen – Shasta Mountain Guides

The winter of 2018-19 is shaping up to be a good one and we couldn’t be happier. After a mid-November soaking that gave us our base, storms have been consistent and temperatures have remained cold, preserving the snowpack and good ski conditions. It’s been a wet December and it looks to continue in this pattern.

We’ve been receiving regular snow, enough to refresh the surface but nothing significant until last weekend; 12/15-16. A potent and wet storm brought nearly 3 inches of liquid to Mt. Shasta, falling as snow mostly above 7,000′. This was a good boost and warmer storms will better enhance the upper mountain with the more dense snow sticking to the steeper, exposed faces.

Shasta, conditions report
Fresh tracks for everyone, even telemarkers. Shay Stemm dropping the knee. Credit: Shasta Mountain Guides

After the storms cleared, Monday morning dawned bright and allowed access to mid-mountain elevations. Ski conditions were found to be excellent on all aspects. Snow stability was good with a right side up structure and no observed avalanche activity. Pretty optimal conditions for those fortunate to be free for midweek powder skiing!

The break was brief as Tuesday brought more rain and mountain snow. This looks to be the pattern with storm cycles interrupted by small windows of high pressure. Good news for everyone with cooler temps and lower snow levels. The Mt. Shasta Ski Park is open with all 3 lifts running and excellent, early season skiing reported.

Shasta, conditions report
SMG Guide and Ski Team Coach Alyssa Winkleman enjoy the early season conditions. Credit: Shasta Mountain Guides

One of the great things of Mt. Shasta is that it’s ideal for all manner of snow sliders and our local crew represented multiple forms of glisse enjoyment; AT shredders, Telemark rippers, and Splitboard commanders all were stoked on the smooth soft snow.

Shasta, conditions report
Mt. Shasta’s original splitboarder Eric Rideout lays down the carve. Credit: Shasta Mountain Guides

With more snow falling this week and a progressive pattern in place, we’ll hopefully continue the winter cycles and enjoy a deep snowpack for the spring and summer climbing season.

Shasta, conditions report
Skiing up Mt. Shasta. Credit: Shasta Mountain Guides

We’re booking for the upcoming holidays and have a few openings remaining for backcountry ski tours. Take advantage of the good snow and experience what winter in Mt. Shasta can provide. It’s a beautiful season, happy holiday to you all!

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