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Ski Tune Bench Set-Up. Credit: Instagregoh

I just recently put together a ski tuning bench in my garage. Full disclosure, after living in a ski town for over half a decade, I have acquired many pairs of skis and have had some training as a ski tuner. If you live in the mountains and do not know how to take care of your equipment or do not know someone in the industry to help, you must live under a rock or do not ski that often. Maybe I am a bit odd, but I think it is beyond therapeutic to come home after a long day of work, grab a hot iron, and lay some wax.

ski rack
Ski Rack. Credit: Instagregoh

An amazing tune bench has the following items:

Table Obviously, the key to the whole set-up. When I first conceived the idea of having a ski tuning bench in the garage, this was the item I was most confused about. Do I build my own, or do I buy one? Whatever the case, make sure it is sturdy and can take a beating. Tuning skis can be rough on a table! (cost 0-100$)

Ski Tuning Tools. Credit: The Carver’s Almanac

Ski Tuning Equipment you can really get tons of stuff to fix your skis, but the necessities come down to clamps, waxing iron, wax, brush to rub in the wax, and an edge bevel. (cost $100)

Ski Rack When you have multiple pairs of skis, and you tune each pair cause you aren’t positive if it is going to be a blower powder day or dust on crust, it comes in handy to have a place to keep them; quick access for tuning and easy storage when necessary. (cost $20-75)

TV/Red BullMini Fridge Combo! Shout out to @nobullshit for the fridge!

Mini Fridge It has to be written down somewhere, etched in stone or written on an old pizza box with Sharpie marker that tuning skis require a cold drink. Whatever your drink of choice is, after a long day of skiing, working, and getting ready for the next day on the slopes, a cold drink helps a tuning bench significantly. (cost $50-100)

Small TV Not a necessary item because you need to pay attention to what you are doing to your skis… but a TV with a ski flick playing while waxing skis keeps me up at night. It is also great to have when your friends come over, and one person is on the bench working. (cost less than 100$)

Speaker I don’t know about you, but I sometimes cannot function without music or a podcast in the background; it is mentally relaxing, and you can get more done. (cost $50-100)

There you have it! Imagine yourself laying down some glassy wax, ski movie going in the background along with some music, and a cold drink in your hand—no more excuses to be the last one down the hill.

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