Two Hikers Rescued After Getting Lost On Mt. Tallac, CA

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Mt Tallac, CA. Image: Wikipedia

According to the El Dorado County Sherriff’s Office, two hikers were rescued off of 9,739ft Mt. Tallac, CA on Monday. The two individuals took a wrong turn, got lost, and ended up in a very steep and rugged area. They realized that they were unable to descend the mountain, so they called for help.

Post Rescue. Image: El Dorado County Sherriff’s Office

At 3:00am on Monday morning, the Sherriff’s Office received a call that two hikers were lost on the mountain. The search and rescue team responded to the situation as fast as they could. They made their way up the mountain, located the two individuals, and provided them with warm clothes.

Safely reached the bottom of the mountain. Image: El Dorado County Sherriff’s Office

Both of the hikers suffered minor injuries and were too exhausted to make their way down the mountain. A California Highway Patrol helicopter hoisted the two individuals down the mountain and to safety.

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