Valdez, AK Report: Gentle Spines After 3-Feet of New Snow

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Report from April 7, 2022

It snowed about 3-feet in the mountains around Valdez, AK on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

We knew that the mountains were going to be full of snow and touchy avalanche-wise when we flew out with Pulseline Adventure on Thursday.

We saw many avalanches on all aspects and elevations on our way to our zone for the day.

The zone. image: snowbrains

We skied a zone that we had skied the tar out of before the storm.

We skied a zone that had broken, non-connected terrain.

We stayed on gentle spines.

Ed spining out. image: snowbrains

We did trigger a couple of small pockets on the sides of the spines that were isolated, didn’t involve skiers, and didn’t run far.

We skied conservatively and took it slow.

We were able to have some big fun and ski some neat lines.

Wall of the future… image: snowbrains

We skied 3 runs before the clouds rolled in and sent us home.

We were all pretty stoked after this sneaker day and a big group dinner at Fu Kung in Valdez only helped the vibe glow brighter.

Thanks, Valdez.


Spines we didn’t ski. image: snowbrains
Rich and Eric. image: snowbrains
Valdez glacier. image: snowbrains
Ice fall glacier. image: snowbrains
Cracked. image: snowbrains
Spiney things. image: snowbrains

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