[VIDEO] Austrian Peak Fluchthorn Collapses in Massive Rock Slide

Julia Schneemann | | Industry NewsIndustry News
The Austrian peak Fluchthorn came crashing down on June 11 around 3:20 p.m. | Picture: Screenshot from Youtube Video shared by @christianhutter4808

Incredible footage of the Fluchthorn peak crashing down in a massive rock slide was captured by Patrick Schöpfer, a member of Galtür mountain rescue, who happened to be in the area. Patrick Schöpfer believes that the recent snow melt, exacerbated by climate change in recent years, has caused the collapse of the peak.

Alpine helicopters were dispatched immediately to assess the situation, and it appears that, thankfully, no one was hurt in the landslide, but half of the peak, along with the cross at the top of the Fluchthorn peak, has crashed down. The Fluchthorn peak reached an altitude of 3,398m (11,148ft) until Sunday’s landslide. Approximately 100m (328ft) of altitude was estimated to be erased from the peak.

The Fluchthorn is located in Tyrol, Austria, close to the Swiss border, in an area known as the Silvretta Alps, about 14km (9 miles), as the bird flies from the famous Ischgl ski resort. Fluchthorn was the second-highest summit of the Silvretta Alps

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