Video: Chris Benchetler Slaying British Columbia

Keenan Grady |

Despite the lack of good conditions and stability, Chris Benchetler and Nick Mcnutt are able to make the right, safe decisions and still were able to pull a couple banger shots out of the week of frustrating futility.  This 10 minute clip showcases some of their athletic prowess despite unfortunate conditions.

In this episode of Chris Benchetler’s new series, “Chasing El Nino” he ends up in British Columbia with Nick McNutt in search of pillow lines and other areas for general filming; however the weather does not want to cooperate.  The following flick starts off slow with the realization that you cannot control the weather, only make the best of it.  The skies stay grey and cloudy throughout the entirety of this sled mission until the final day.  McNutt and Benchetler are able to finally film some of the lines they had been dreaming of for the entire week or so with a picturesque-pow day.  The action really starts to pick up around 3:45.


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